Choti Banana | Choti Ponytail Hair Style | चोटी पोनीटेल बनाना सीखें केवल 2 मिनट में | Designer choti

सिर्फ 2 मिनट में यह आसान दिल के आकार वाला हेयर स्टाइल बनाना सीखें.
सिर्फ चाहिए रबर बैण्ड
Hair Style (Heart braid Ponytail Choti): New hair style for women and girls for long hair for party and casual purpose. This Latest hair style is different, trendy & very easy.
This heart ponytail looks elaborate & will become a favorite for school girls, especially if they have long hair. Braids & ponytails can be mastered with just a little bit of practice. Among all kinds of braids, & hairstyles , this heart ponytail is the most easiest yet classic.
A DIY tutorial for heart braid PONYTAIL braid hairstyle which is actually quite simple for anyone with medium length or long hair.
Check out some tips to makeheart PONYTAIL braid hairstyle choti. A classy hair look.

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